The Cabaret

November 5th, 2010

Over 500 people came out on the Friday before the New York Marathon for Christopher McDougall’s Cabaret.  Re-Inventing Running was a TED-style line-up with speakers giving short talks on running, athleticism, and fitness.  We even had some hula dancers (McDougall’s wife and daughter).  And part of Born to Run sung in opera-style, which brought down the house.


• Christopher McDougall, best-selling author of Born to Run
• Dan Lieberman, Harvard professor of human evolutionary biology
• Barefoot Ted, epic barefoot runner and found of Luna Sandals
• Eric Orton, trainer who rebuilt McDougall for the epic race against the Tarahumara
• Peter Sarsgaard, Hollywood actor (and endurance runner)
• John Durant, founder of Barefoot Runners NYC and paleofitness advocate

Sponsored by Vibram and Paragon Sports.

Watch the entire video.  To select a speaker, click here.


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