Why Run Barefoot?

Why would anyone ever run barefoot?  Isn’t it barefoot running dangerous…and kind of crazy?

Here’s why:
• Less injury
• More fun

In other words, less pain and more gain.

Every year, a high percentage of runners get injured using conventional running shoes.  And there is no published, peer-reviewed science that shows that thick-soled running shoes reduce injury.  In fact, high-heeling running shoes may increase injury.  The mechanics are simple.  High-heeled running shoes encourage a hard heel-strike, rather than a more natural, soft fore-foot strike.  Barefoot running is about running softly and gently, reducing the overall impact on your body.  Professor Daniel Lieberman explains the mechanics of running in the videos below.

The bottom line: The foot has been around for millions of years – it works.  Thick-soled running shoes have only been around for a few decades.  Which one is the fad?  So we flip the script, and ask injured runners using conventional running shoes:  Why are you running in high-heels?  Isn’t it dangerous…and kind of crazy?

Here is information for getting started and additional resources.  We also welcome you to join us for a beginner’s session and come run with us.


2.Compliance (or, your body’s “give”)

3.The Modern Running shoe

The Bare Essentials

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