What to expect

This is not your typical running race. The purpose of the run is to learn how to run more naturally, to have fun, and to stay healthy.

  • If you have never run in minimalist shoes or barefoot before, you should still bring the shoes you normally run in. Try out barefoot/minimalist for stretches, but now is not the time to prove how tough you are. Start slow.
  • We created a format called Run Your Distance. There is no fixed distance to the run. Everyone will start together, and then you must decide when to stop. You are responsible for listening to your feet and body.
  • The run will not be timed. Feel free to time it yourself.
  • Our barefoot running leaders have been planning some running mayhem. There are three ways you can participate in the event:
  1. Walk – Dr. Daniel Howell will be leading a group of walkers while talking about the benefits of barefoot. This is a great option for anyone who is not a runner.
  2. Run – Jason Robillard will be running a marathon, and Dan Lieberman will be running 18-20 miles. You don’t have to run that far, but this is a familiar option for most runners.
  3. Wild Persistence Hunt – Apparently, Barefoot Ted and Erwan Le Corre don’t know how to run in a straight line at a steady pace. Ted will be exploring different surfaces on the island, changing directions, running in a pack, changing pack leaders, and changing speeds. Erwan will be leading a MovNat-style “run”, which may include crawling, lifting, balancing, and other natural movements.  You are welcome to follow!
  • We will have a runners raffle – with more than 50 items, including:
    • Stride and gait analysis at Dan Lieberman’s lab at Harvard University
    • Vivobarefoot “Evo” minimalist shoes
    • Various minimalist running product from Tip Top Shoes
    • Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandals
    • Free one-day MovNat Fundamentals Course with Erwan LeCorre
    • Signed copies of Jason Robillard’s The Barefoot Running Book
    • Signed copies of Dr. Daniel Howell’s The Barefoot Book
    • Injinji socks from Injinji and Tip Top Shoes

Important reminders

  • Online registration closes on Friday night. Newcomers can register in person at official events on Saturday or Sunday.  $40. Cash only.
  • We encourage you to pick up your packet early at Tip Top Shoes on Saturday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Packets will be available at the Governors Island Ferry on Sunday morning, but you might end up missing your ferry while you wait in line.
  • We wanted everyone to be able to attend the Lieberman lecture and panel discussion at Terra Plana on Saturday night, but there was too much demand for capacity.  There will now be a lottery.  You must fill out the form here: by 12midnight ET Thursday, October 8 (TONIGHT).  More details below in the schedule.
  • Not all subway lines are running properly, so please check here for updates.  Note: the 1 train is not running from Chambers to South Ferry (shuttle buses replace them)
  • The Governors Island Ferry is located directly to the left of the State Island Ferry. And the Staten Island Half Marathon is the same morning, so don’t go to Staten Island!


  • Saturday: Sunny and clear with the afternoon in the mid-60s
  • Sunday: Sunny and clear with the AM in the mid-50s

Note: Bring warm clothes to the run since the island will be windy and chilly in the morning.

What to bring to the run

  • Bib and “bag check” tag (attached to the bottom of the bib), if you picked up your packet in advance
  • Warmer clothes (windy and chilly in the morning)
  • ID (for beer)
  • Camera (very scenic)
  • Food (Not required. We will have fruit and snacks after the race. There will also be two food carts selling sandwiches. Cash only. If you have dietary requirements, bring a little something.)
  • Cash (Two food vendors, plus cool tech tees for sale for $25.  All cash only.)
  • Bag / backpack (You can check a bag/backpack and it will be watched during the race.)
  • Friends and family (Spectators do not have to register and pay, but they must be able to give the name of a registered participant to board the ferry.)
  • Shoes (Bring whatever shoes you typically run in. Try barefoot/minimalist for short distances.)

Note: Dogs, cats, and other pets are not allowed on the island

Check out the updated schedule and directions.


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